CamCon is a non-profit organisation run by a team of volunteers, and we are always looking for new people to help out! So if you have some time you can donate towards making the event even better please let us know. Areas that need people include:

Tabletop Game Hosts

Our dedicated Tabletop Gaming area is always looking for people to run roleplay games, card games, boardgames, wargames and any other kind of gaming that you might want to bring along to the event. Sessions normally run for no more than an hour, although if you want to do something on a larger scale that an be arranged. Email if you have something you wish to run.

Panel Guests/Presenters

Got something to say about a geek-culture topic that you want to present to an audience? Have something you wish to show or demonstrate that you think our attendees will love? Then let us know and we will see if we can fit you into our panel schedule! Experience is not essential, but knowledge & passion for your subject and something that will last 50 minutes is. Email if you have something to share.

The Gopher Legion

The list of tasks they do is endless: basically anything and everything on the day that needs done. The work is hard, the hours are terrible, but the gratitude is endless as we couldn’t do the event without them. The Legion assembles the day before the event and the day itself, however selection is always done in advance. Email if you want to volunteer as tribute.

The Street Team

Know somewhere that can let you leave CamCon flyers or put up a CamCon poster? If so then The Street Team needs you to help us spread the word of the event! Mostly active from May to August, taking up as much or as little time as you can provide. Email if you can help out.

Evening Performers

CamCon prides itself in having an exceptional evening of entertainments each year, so we are constantly on the look for acts. DJs, bands, singers, musicians, magicians, dancers, comedians, whatever: If you think you can thrill us and it’s related to geek culture then please get in touch! Email if you have an act you believe would fit the bill.

Anything else?

Got an idea for something that we aren’t already doing? Want to help with something that isn’t covered by the above? Spotted a gaping hole in the event that you want to fill? Excellent, we’ve been waiting for you. Either email us at or post up on the Facebook group.

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