The Committee

 Ziggy "Zonic" Newman     

About: Nerdy queen to Supersonic extreme and wonder woman in convention form. In charge of..... well pretty much everything making sure CamCon runs as smoothy and epicly as possible. Be sure to get her cake but if it's a lie well... don't make her get the neurotoxin out! By the way has anyone seen her portal device?



About: Hi I'm Ian. I'm Operations Manager and CamCon Grand Bazaar Coordinator. It's my job to see that the event runs smoothly and that there are lots of fantastic Artists and Dealers for you to meet, talk to and buy from at the event.



About: CamCon's Creative Director - I'm in charge of PR, merchandise, decorations, website, and promotions. You probably won't see much of me on the day as I'll probably be working behind the scenes, but if you do, say hi~! ^^:;


Andrew "Raggedyman" Watton-Davies

About: Over twenty years a geek and yet to see anything greater than Akira (or cyberpunk as a whole), but there is always hope. Leader of the Gopher Legion/Head Of Crew. Known to impersonate a human whirlwind. Please be nice and get him a beer, he'll love you forever!


Carol "DMWCarol" Tierney

About: Gamer, fan and official crazy old lady (according to her kids). Person in charge of making sure you have a fun evening. Have fun or you will be kept behind after class. Best bribed with chainmail or chocolate.


Gareth "Gareth" Atkinson

About: Discovered under a traffic cone by Road Trolls, Gareth has hung up his librarian hunter coat to bring you tabletop gaming at CamCon 2014. His mission - the joyful acceptance of the opportunity to play, and you are invited to join him (so long as you keep him well fed on stories, his delicacy of choice).



About: Sup guys and dolls! I'm Holly 'dolly' Kaminski and I'll be your Cosplay Coordinator! I've been a nerdy-birdy ever since I could say "In the name of the moon I shall punish you!", I'm an avid cosplayer and I want to make sure your cosplay experience at CamCon goes amazingly!~<3


Xeno Ferrer

About: Furry, brony, geek, need I say more? I will be your Panel Coordinator so I will be in charge of hunting down guests for all the lovely panels and stapling them to the stage. I'm a massive fan of most of our guests and I will work hard to bring you the best we can. ^_^


Anton E Matthews
Been gaming since 2 years old and still an avid gamer. I watch anime (up to date on ALL of Naruto ) and am a massive Final Fantasy fan (Cloud is tattooed on my leg!). I cosplay as Cloud Strife from Advent Children) and Naruto Sixth Hokage. I also am Deputy Manager at Game Cambridge, but try not to let that get in the way.

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