Evening Entertainment

The CamCon evening party comprises of five hours of the finest geeky happenings that anyone could wish to see. This year will feature:

  • Live performances on The Junction main stage from 7:00pm till midnight
  • UK premier film screenings
  • The "Who's Geek Is It Anyway?" Improv Comedy show
  • Video Game tournament


DJs Raggedyman & AppleJam will be bringing their patented brand of Party Hard Mayhem to CamCon, so get your dancing shoes on and be ready to bounce as they lay down a wild mix of pop, rock, electronica, chip-tunes, mashups, Tv/Film/Game tunes, and lots of bouncing. WITH LIVE HULA-HOOP DANCING!! from Siâna The Hula-Hoopist Extraordinaire.

The Amazing Stace

Magician, Miracle worker and technocrat.

Bouquet of Dead Crows

A female fronted Bluesy, Rock/Pop band that likes big riffs, but also likes acoustic finger picking!

Cardinal Cox

Steampunk, cthulhu and other random geeky performance poetry from the ex-Chair of Peterborough SF Club, extra in the (direct-to-video) The Zero Imperative, written by Mark Gatiss, author of three and a half gags for an American fan production of Mystery Science Theatre: 3000 and "Possibly the worst writer to grace the pages of SFX".

Coeur De Plume

Burlesque and cabaret artiste. Gymnast, dancer and fire staff spinner. Burlesque Idol 2013 finalist

Siâna The Hula-Hoopist Extraordinaire.

A solo performance of hula-hoop.

Gossip Wolf and the Fox

Gossip Wolf and the Fox takes its name from one of the more obscure Grimm's fairytales in homage to our folk routes. Gossip Wolf started life as a solo acoustic folk project and gradually transformed into a psychedelic folk rock 4 piece band with added prog influenced guitar solos. Will be returning to their roots for an acoustic set at Camcon


Himezawa is going to be bringing her Jpop dancing to help us party into the evening. You may have seen her perform at LAC6, LAC7, and MCM Expo, or read about her in Koneko or NEO Magazine.

The Scissors

Swirling keyboard-fuelled psychpop with horrorshow freakbeat guitars and new wave post-punk basslines.

Von Nitros

Formed in Cambridge in late 2011 The Von Nitros fuse the drive and excitement of 60’s Surf and Garage music with a wide range of influences. The result is a unique sound that is at once evocative and entirely new. The band are renowned for dynamic, high energy live sets. Their music has been described as
“the soundtrack to a Tarantino B-movie that hasn’t been made yet”


Hailing from Akibastar, UKB0048 is an AKB0048 dance and cosplay group who will be performing their newest stage show!

All We Earthlings

A 4-piece alternative rock band from Cambridge formed in late 2013

More to be announced as and when confirmed.

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