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Maids of England

The Maids of England are a London based event and pop up cafe serving up cute dishes based on Japanese and English foods. They bring the Japanese experience of a "Maid Cafe"- A cafe where costumed cast will serve you like a lord or lady in your own manor - and will be running the Maid's Cafe in the J1 upstairs bar from 11am to 6pm, as well as doing a performance on the J2 stage at the start of the day.

Legend of Zya and Silver Eyed Psycho

Two members of the cosplay group Double Devil, a little band of amateur cosplayers spread out over the UK who have collectively cosplayed from series such as Dragon Age, Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji and even Disney’s movie Tangled.They will be acting as judges in The Masquerade.

Claire Gristwood

"I have written since I was old enough to string a sentence together. I have always enjoyed writing stories as well as reading them. At a young age I was enthralled with Fantasy Stories and spent many an hour reading about far off lands and mythical creatures.

When I was fifteen I started writing my first fantasy book, ‘The Raystone,’ and now fifteen years later it’s on sale around the world with respective sequels following. In between writing these I have also dabbled in sci-fi and my first work of this genre, ‘The Darkest Day,’ has proved to be an extremely popular publication. More sci-fi/futuristic work is currently being drafted.

In 2011 I began self-publishing and since then have never looked back. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with those at Camcon this year and hopefully help others start their journey."

Niche Comics

Niche Comics is a family-run comics/memorabilia store operating out of a restored Tudor building in Huntigdon, Cambridgeshire. They are one of the few independent stores of its type in the area.

Zoe Burgess

Currently working as the guest writer in the manganese ‘Geeked’ she describes herself as “a professional geek walking the line between Fangirl and academic. One foot in the world of comics, Cosplay, anime and geekery and the other foot in the world of research, academia and theoretical study on Fandom.”

John Ross

John Ross is a comic book artist who lives and works in the UK. Ross started working for Panini Comics in 1996, working on titles such as Masked Rider, Action Man and Spectacular Spider-Man. During this time he also worked on occasional covers for various of Panini's Marvel US reprint titles and the main strip in Doctor Who Magazine.

More recently he worked on the Jackie Chan Adventures for Eaglemoss and the first six issues of Doctor Who - Battles in Time for Fabbri. John is now the resident artist on the Doctor Who Adventures strip for the BBC.

Glenn Dakin

Alan Cowsill

Alan Cowsill is a freelance writer and editor. He is presently working on new projects for Eaglemoss Publishing while writing strips, stories and features.

Alan started out as a comic dealer before becoming a writer and editor. He co-created Stormwatcher for Acme/Eclipse, Kilkane for Deadline Magazine and was an editor at Games Workshop before joining Marvel UK (later Panini UK).

He edited numerous titles for the company including Overkill, Biker Mice From Mars, X-Men, Action Man and was the launch editor for the company’s Marvel line. He also wrote Power Rangers and the first UK-originated Spider-Man strips for over a decade in Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures.

After leaving Panini, he edited Cartoon Network Magazine before joining Eaglemoss Publishing, where he developed the Horrible Histories Collection. He also created the best-selling Jackie Chan Adventures and the award-winning Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and DC Super Hero Collection. He edited the Spirit of Hope charity anthology for the Comic Book Alliance and is presently editing the DC Chess Collection.

Let The Geek Out

We are a not for profit events and entertainment organisation, that aims to bring the geek community together in a welcoming and safe environment. They hope to keep bringing people who like things that are considered geeky together through the radio shows, events and youtube channel.

The radio show which is on Cambridge 105 on the 2nd Thursday of every month focuses on video game music at its finest and is the first of its kind to be on the FM air waves in the UK.

The events we hold dabble in all things considered geek including gaming events, card game nights and tournaments, role play events and cos-play events.


With over 470 written and continuing to write fan fictions there are few as dedicated and literate in the field of fanfiction. Running her own professional quality fan fiction reading youtube channel with over 7 million views and 24 thousand subscribers her fun little channel has become the dominant channel of it’s kind while remaining true to itself and having fun at the same time.
Mostly staring My Little Pony fanfiction at the moment her past has taken her though Xmen, Yogeoh and many more giving her a wide spread and allot of experience. She has have a big impact on the fanfiction community and has help setup the ‘heroic review’ and ‘heroic tales’ group which brings to get many readers, writers and voice actors to produce large scale radio plays and other content.

Reverb Brony

As the name might suggest the man himself is a very talented music artist, with a great ear for the awesome he produces many original works and posts them to his own channel but of course on top of that he is a brony! Using his powers for good as well as evil he has produced allot of music to help out those on the heroic crew, doing lots of background, mood and title music for fic reads and much more.
All the way from Australia we are very lucky to catch him and his heroic friends as they come together for a week in person after only knowing each other online.


Most famous for her comic dubs she follows allot of the same lines as Scribbler but in her own unique.. darker way. With many famous pony fics like Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory and such similar she now walks hand and hand with the rest of the heroic crew and continues to produce and contribute amazing works for all to enjoy.


Although not as big named as the last three in the group he is still an fantastic member of the heroic review team, serving as the moderator on the review team he has helped both as a close friend and awesome humored guy whom all seem to love.
As with all of the heroic team the best way to see what they are like is to listen into their work so it is highly recommended checking out The Heroic Tale of Heroically Heroic Heroes!

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