Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we register for CamCon?
A: Tickets are available from The Junction website only.

Q: Are there different types of tickets available?
A: There are Standard, Student, Under 16's and Under 10's tickets available in advance, all of which give full access to the whole event including the Evening Entertainments. There may also be some Evening Only tickets on the day, however we cannot guarantee how many, if any, of these will be on sale. Full information can be found here.

Q: How long does CamCon go on for?
A: The doors open at 10:00am on Saturday the 30th of August and don't close until midnight.

Q: Is there an age limit for the event?
A: CamCon is open to all ages but under 12's must be accompanied by an adult over 16. Some of the evening entertainments are intended for a 15 years or older audience.

Q: I've heard about the Evening Entertainments, are they worth staying for?
A: Yes, very much so. It's five hours of every type of geeky fun possible and they are available to everyone who buys a Whole Day/Advance ticket.

Q: Can I buy tickets on the day?
A: Any remaining tickets Whole Day tickets (including access to the Evening Entertainments) will be available from The Junction box office on the day. However all tickets were sold out by 11:00am last year so we strongly advise you to book in advance as we will not be able to let anyone extra on-site once we have sold out. There may be a limited number of Evening Only tickets available, however we cannot guarantee how many, if any, of these will be on sale.

Q: Where can I keep up to date on what is happening at the event?
A: We will be updating this site regularly, however the most up-to-the-minute information will be found on our Facebook Page.

Q: Where can I meet fellow CamConners before the event?
A: The best place to start is The CamCon Group on Facebook.

Q: Is there accommodation near the venue?
A: Yes, the nearest is the Travel Lodge Cambridge Central, with other hotels/B&B's nearby

Q: Is there a bar and a place to buy food?
A: Hot food and fine drinks will be available at the event, including in the Maid Cafe. Cambridge Leisure Park also hosts many supermarkets and restaurants, however bringing your own food or drinks into the venue will not be permitted.

Q: Your event is splendid and I want to help make it even better, how do I do this?
A: Think about how you want to help and then go to the Volunteers Page for more info.

Q: I have a query about the event but I don't know who to ask
A: A full list of who to ask about what can be found here.

Q: If I have a problem on the day what should I do?
A: All the CamCon team will be wearing sashes, so find a member of the team and they will do their best to help with any problem you may have.

Q: Are there any rules at the convention?
A:  CamCon is all about everyone having fun, so to ensure that all attends have a good time and that things go smoothly we ask all those coming to always have the following in mind:

Keep Your Pass Handy
Your CamCon 2014 pass needs to be visible and available for inspection by staff at all times, so please keep this in consideration when planning your costumes. This is especially important when entering the venue as your pass will be checked each time.

Keep Things Age Appropriate
CamCon is ‘All Ages’ so please refrain from overly revealing costumes, loud adult language, or potentially offensive behaviour during the day. The evening has more leeway, but think of it as going from a PG rating to a 15.

Keep Things Safe
Any behaviour that could cause physical harm to any attendee, including yourself, is not allowed. We have got first-aid on site in the case of accidents but if something could cause foreseeable harm then don’t do it in the first place.

Keep Consumption In Moderation
Alcohol will be on sale so feel free to have a drink if of age, but anyone deemed excessively intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue and may not be allowed back in. Also please be aware of the venues own policies on drink/drugs, available on site.

Keep Things Friendly
Everyone is here to have fun (yes, even the Gopher Legion) so anti-social or discriminatory behaviour is not allowed. If anyone is being anti-social/discriminatory then please inform a member of staff.

Keep Things Going
Any behaviour that actively or intentionally disrupts the running of the event will not be tolerated, and anyone behaving in such a manner will be asked to leave, either the area or the event as a whole. Conversely anyone that helps keep things going will be praised highly, so don’t be afraid to offer a helping hand.

Please note that anyone not following the above points may be requested to leave the event without refund.

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